6th of July

It’s time for a break, THELC will be taking a quick break to plan and create some awesome new stuff for you next term! Prepare yourselves!


13th of July

We’re nearly back! One last week of break time to recoup and make sure everything is ready for when you get back! See you next week!


20th of July

We’re back! We’ve got a whole lot of cool stuff waiting for you and we can’t wait to see you J

Pastor Kat will be bringing a fresh term 3 word for the youth, so make sure you’re there!


27th of July

It’s Lifegroups tonight! Come on down to THELC to experience the awesome times and a great chat with your lifegroup leader and your fellow lifegroup. If you’re in year 10-12, you’ll get to hear from Pastor Kat as she shares on the importance of Hosting… confused? Come to THELC to learn just what exactly is happening!